Monday, September 6, 2010

IndieCade 2010: show info and an announcement

This years IndieCade Independent Games Festival is being held in Culver City October 8-10.

I highly recommend fans of independent games make the trip and here are some reasons why.
  • It's a great way to come and get hands on with independent games and talk to the creators, all in a nice relaxed environment.  The festival itself is spread out over a number of cool art galleries all within Culver City.  A perfect way to spend a couple of days browsing around, very different from the packed intensity of GDC. 
  • There are a great series of panels and talks in which the intimate setting tends to involve the audience much more.  Check the schedule.  Last year I attended one debate that took place in the outdoor patio of a local bar, with drinks service and comfy cushions.  Very civilized!
  • The organizers are all great people and worthy of your support.  One of those people this year is me!  I am very honored to have been asked by the co-chairs, Richard Lemarchand and John Sharp, to moderate a panel and also organize this years Microtalk series!

    • The panel is on something that I am very passionate about, Funding Models for indie games.  We have a great panel, including Ron Carmel (of 2DBoy and recently launched IndieFund fame), John Hight, who oversees all the amazing PSN games at Sony, Jane Pinckard, blogger, former journo and biz dev impresario for Foundation 9 and finally, Jesse Vigil, groovy indie developer for Pyschic Bunny as well as a co-founder of new indie publisher Codename Games.  The panel is on October 8th at 1pm.  I think we have a great mix of people and it should be a spirited conversation.  Hope to see you there!
    • The Microtalks are a series of short, rapid fire presentations on the future of indie games.  We're still in the process of finalizing the participants but this also promises to be a funky, diverse and fascinating talk.  It takes place on Sunday at 10am.  If you've never attended a Microtalk before you will be in for a treat and if you have, well you know why they are so popular!
  • The conference is very affordable!  Prices start at $10 and go to $95 for a full conference pass.  And this money is going to support all the great independent developers, that are being flown in from all over the world to have their work showcased.
So what are you waiting for?  Go to the IndieCade website and get your tickets now.

See you there!