Monday, October 25, 2010

Fan made Sonic Magic

Sonic was one of my favorite games on Genesis and still a game I bust out now and then on emulation, most recently I picked up the iPhone version.  I had been excited about Sonic 4 but was left disappointed by the floaty controls.

That said, this new fan made game just blew me away. I'm not sure how long they'll be allowed to keep it up before the lawyers come knocking but you can download it at their web site.

Most impressive is it's the work of only 2 people using the Unity engine.  I'd have to say, this might be the best thing I have seen on Unity yet.  The talented duo go by the monikers Pelikan13 and Mercury and deserve solid kudos for such a beautiful realization.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Costume Quest from Doublefine

A few of my old LucasArts friends are at Doublefine but that's not why I'm posting this video.  I'm posting it because this is such a rad concept.

Since the first time I heard of Costume Quest; Kids during Halloween on an RPG jaunt through their neighborhood fighting REAL monsters, it was one of those 'can't believe noone thought of this before (me included!) moments.  Pure genius.  And the art style, being directed by Tasha Harris, is absolutely captivating.

I also love the new direction that Doublefine has taken, in embracing the digital space and developing smaller contained experiences.  I think this is where Tim Schafer and gang will find their audience and hit that sweet spot between critical and commercial acclaim.

and another's going to be interesting to see what comes now that Tim and Ron Gilbert are once more back together again.  Which reminds me to do a quick plug!  Come to IndieCade this weekend, where Tim gets an award from Ron, and yours truly is on a couple of panels!

Costume Quest comes out on 20th November for XBLA & PSN.

[UPDATE Oct 25 2010] I bought it Day 1 on XBLA and LOVED it.  The game delivered everything it promised to be.  I was never a huge fan of the over-complexity of turn based RPG combat but this presented it in a simplified fan way. 

The length of the game was just right for a downloadable, it was fairly easy to play but short enough that the charm never wore off.

This is one of those games that inspires me to keep making games.  Something that presents such a magical imaginative world that reconnects us with the child within. 

The only thing missing is that its CRYING OUT for 2 player co-op.  I think with co-op it could have been a perfect game for parents and children to enjoy together, much as the Lego series has been. 

As it is though, a wonderfuly sweet game and one I definitely recommend!