Sunday, February 3, 2008

What is Joyful about Game Development?

For many of us involved in the creation of video games, finding the joy in what we do can sometimes be elusive. We work crazy hours, with huge development teams, on projects that span many years before we see the fruits of our labor. The final product can often be compromised by actions beyond our control and sometimes we have the crushing experience of working on a project that never sees the light of day.

But this blog is not to highlight the problems and issues that plague game development. There are many places online that articulate these issues with more authority than I can.

This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of joyful, creative development of ideas, stories and worlds!

Video games provide something truly unique in the entertainment medium. We create worlds and stories and then ask our players to be full participants, to be co-creators of the reality we provide. pretty cool.

I'm dedicated to creating intellectual properties and bringing them to as wide an audience as possible. In this blog, I'll be presenting thoughts and ideas on how to do so, sharing my experiences, past and present, and articulating some of the ways that I (a humble new recruit to the powers of transmedia) believe that media convergence can help break new ground for those of us interested in creating and owning our content.

And the joy? Absolutely, every day, try and find the joy and the love in what we do, that passion is what allows the creativity to flow. That's what allows us to create and share the best of our work. To make people love our games, we absolutely have to love making games.

Love from Development

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