Saturday, November 14, 2009

Art of the Pitch - advice for indies

Digital Distribution Summit - Sandra Sdraulig Opening & David Edery Keynote from Digital Distribution Summit on Vimeo.

Highly recommend this keynote from my buddy David Edery on how to pitch your indie game for funding.

Of particular note from David;
  • Be able to describe your game in one sentence.
  • Identify your target audience (don't just say everyone)
  • Do your research, make sure you have sized your market and are pitching for the right budget (current XBLA budgets are sub $1M for example)
  • tailor your pitch for the organization
  • Try and identify gaps in the organizations portfolio and move quickly to fill it.
  • make sure a prototype or video sells gameplay, don't over focus on story, tech or art (I've been guilty of this myself.
David is a super smart dude and formerly XBox Worldwide Portfolio Planner and has great advice. You can read his blog for more thoughts on the digital eco-sphere.

Also, kudos to Twisted Pixel for giving David permission to share their pitch material for 'Splosion Man. The gameplay video in particular sells the game instantly and is a perfect example of the right way to pitch your game.

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