Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mightier: real world + virtual world = fun

Cool concept that makes use of the camera and real world to solve puzzles. It's ingenius the idea of printing out and drawing something on paper, then scan it back in to alter the environment in the game. A way to integrate analog creativity into our digital age.

Mightier from Ratloop on Vimeo.

I'd love to see something that played around with this idea for iPhone. I remember those bar code battler games from a few years ago, I wonder if there is some version of a game like that, where you take photos of real world items that map to the game and change the experience for the player.

Also, as a way to get people to creatively problem solve, it would be interesting to see what potential the drawing/design mechanics could have as an educational tool.

Something like this would have been awesome back in Art class when I was a wee bairn!

Download the game demo here

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mat said...

Using the camera in the iPhone for games sounds interesting especially if it combined a 'social network' aspect and perhaps the location services...? I haven't looked to see if this concept is already being explored. For some reason, I use my iPhone camera a lot more than previous phone cameras... not really sure why.