Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Canabalt - cool Retro

My buddy Dom sent me a link to this cool browser game called Canabalt. Single button twitch gameplay from Adam Saltsman.

From the description on the Experimental Gameplay Project site.

I made Canabalt in 5 very long days (at least 60 hours) – 1 day at the start of the month, two days at PromJam, and then this weekend. Danny B made the music for it tonight. It follows the theme (loosely I am sure!) by using only one button to interact, and by using only 6 colors to display everything. Also, the gameplay and graphics are under 100kb, the other 3MB is all sound files.

I love the little 'storytelling' touches such as the events in the background that give you an epic sense of being part of a bigger narrative. Also cool little touches like breaking glass, birds flocking away that convey dynamic action. All in an 8 bit style package.

My high score so far is a very lame 1410 pts.

Check it out here!

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