Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lucidity - Destructoid coverage

I got asked a few questions about Lucidity over at Destructoid.

FTA: "One of the attractions of working on smaller games, is the level of creative freedom it affords you, to experiment and take risks that you might otherwise not be able to on a big budget game,” Nottingham told Destructoid.

“For Lucidity, we wanted to develop a unique art style that didn’t really feel like anything else and it was developed hand in hand with the story, so that one would complement the other. Jeff Sangalli (the art director) and I are both big believers in visual stylization and he was talking about wanting the game to feel like a pop-up book, using multi-planing and 2D cards to help achieve the affect,”.

Check out the full interview broken up into 3 links.

LucasArts tells us about Lucidity's unique look
Lucidity's art & music inspired each other
LucasArts talks Lucidity controls, concept

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