Friday, December 11, 2009

Indie Game - The Swapper

The Swapper is an indie game developed by FacePalm Games and entered into this years IGF.
The concept is a puzzle platformer where you progress by creating clones of yourself. Fire your weapon at an inaccessible platform and your clone is created. You now control the new version of yourself and leave the old one behind?

So what happens to your old self? Who is the real you at this point? In the gameplay trailer, there is a sequence where the player drops from a great height, and clones himself just before hitting the ground. The new clone lands gently to survive but the original character meets a gory death on impact.

This concept reminded me a lot of one of the movie (and novel) The Prestige, which I absolutely loved. I'm fascinated to see how Facepalm explores this theme when the game becomes available.

Facepalm Games has a blog with continued updates on the game.
Thanks to Kotaku for the original story.

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