Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rocketbirds - great Flash game from Ratloop

Wow, I'm blown away by what Ratloop has been able to create using Flash. Rocketbirds is a very slick and stylized side scrolling action game with a sense of fun.

The control and movement I found a little clunky, as much a factor of it being a keyboard controlled action game as anything.

Check out the awesome intro.

I love the flavor and sense of fun and could absolutely see this expanding to consoles. Similar to how The Behemoth evolved Alien Hominid from an original Flash game.

Unlike Alien Hominid, they do charge for the game, though the first level is free. Check it out and if you like it, support them by buying the full game!

Ratloop are the same guys that created the innovative Mightier game that I wrote about before. I'm putting them on my short list of people to watch, this looks like a team with a bright future!

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